East Penn PC Support Price List

Diagnostic Testing - Level 1
Diagnostic Testing - Level 2
Diagnosis and Repair - All inclusive diagnosis, including a physical cleaning, virus/spyware removal, and operating system repair to find the cause of crashes, lockups, and undetermined slowness or Internet problems.
Software Installation - 1 title
Software Installation - Each Additional
Memory (RAM) Installation
Modem Installation and Setup
Backup device installation and Setup
Virus and Spyware Removal, Complete
PC Check Up..- Scan system for Virus and Spyware, remove as necessary..- Clean system box (if necessary and check that connections are tight)..- Optimize system performance by removing unused programs, performing Disk Cleanup, Disk Defrag, and registr...
Operating system installation (Windows XP, Vista, Seven)
Hardware Installation
Hard Drive, or peripheral drive installation
Data Transfer..- All available data will be transferred from the old machine to the new machine
Wireless / Wired Network Setup (Modem, Router, Up to 2 Machines, Basic Security)
Network installation - Each additional device
Peripheral Installation
Data Backup (Up to 4 GB)
Data Backup (each additional 4GB)
Setup of new computer..- Removal of old computer and Unpack new computer and setup in the physical space provided...- Personalization of the new computer to meet customer needs. Removal of unnecessary clutter to improve the computer's performance and ...
Complete Computer OS /Software Rebuild..-Complete Hard drive back up..-Reformat hard drive and reinstall operating system..-Reinstall all available drivers and software
Security Suite Installation..- AVG Free Anti Virus Software..- CCleaner
AVG Yearly Subscription
Data Recovery from hard drive (Hard drive must be in physical working order)
Phone Support per hour or part of (Beyond 1st half hour or any part of 1st half hour)
Quarterly Service (per computer) - Includes installing updates for Anti Virus and Anti Spam software and perform scans as necessary...- Perform disk cleanup as necessary, remove temporary internet files, run Defrag if necessary..- Remove unnecessary programs from startup and from computer
Semi-Annual Service (per computer) - Includes the above plus one time data backup (up to 4 GB)
Annual Service (per computer) - Includes above plus one time data backup of up to 8 GB


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  • AVG Free Anti-Virus Software
  • CCleaner Registry and Hard Drive Cleaner
  • Download TeamViewer Quick Support


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